A collection of original Smiths music press items.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE that none of the scans included here carry a watermark bearing the name or address of The Smiths In Print blog – and never will. The purpose of The Smiths In Print is to preserve the various original materials in AS GOOD A CONDITION AS POSSIBLE, for the enjoyment and education of present and future Smiths fans, NOT to deface them. The use of an identifying (not to mention unsightly) watermark is wholly inappropriate since this would indicate or imply ownership of the materials. Ownership of the materials DOES NOT reside with the administrator, but rather the relevant author, photographer(s), or publishing company. Genius may steal, but credit ought to be given when, and where, credit is due.

Braceneck Boy

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  1. Bradder68 says:

    Great site Got load of these up loft somewhere but great to see on internet Well done

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